Tuning fees

What do I charge?

That is a question that I am asked often by prospects. And I am sure that you are curious too, otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this page. You are a person who likes to do research before hiring someone.

Before get into fees, I would like to explain piano tuners are not commodities. They each bring different levels of skill, experience, attitudes, and customer service to the table.

Piano tuning and repair is an unregulated industry and you do not need any type of license to do so in Alaska. One does not need any kind of formal education to do so, either. Therefore it is important to hire someone you know is skilled, organized, and trustworthy.

If price is the single most important factor in choosing a piano tuner, I am not the right fit for you.

However if you enjoy working with someone who is organized, resourceful, friendly, and a “one stop shop” for anything you need for your piano, you are in the right place. I will show up on time, perform a quality tuning within a reasonable amount of time, provide world class customer service, educate you in laypersons terms about your piano, give you a referral for a good piano mover or local piano teacher, and send reminders when you are due for your next service. AND I’ll play a pretty song on the piano before I leave.

If your piano needs a minor repair, 90% of the time I can perform it within the same appointment. I can also provide a referral to have damage on your piano’s finish or veneer repaired. I am a certified Piano Lifesaver technician and installer.

The fee for a full-service tuning appointment is $250 (this is for pianos that haven’t been tuned in a long time, or the first time with me). A full service tuning includes pitch correction, light cleaning, inspection, and routine humidifier service if needed.

The fee for a basic maintenance tuning in the Fairbanks/North Pole area is $180.

If you live outside of the Fairbanks area, or need some repairs performed in addition to the tuning, please contact me for a quote.