“As a serious amateur classical pianist holding a fair amount of fussiness over my
7-foot grand, I’ve been a little concerned that my friend and trusted piano
technician, Kit Cleworth, was considering retirement… Thankfully, Solomeia Kojin has moved here to continue his many years of service. She has already spent nine hours voicing and regulating my instrument.

“Repetitive notes in Scarlatti or Chopin Waltzes were getting harder. The action is
now perfect. Any problem now is from my own pianistic shortcomings! I’ve commissioned her to put my piano on a fairly rigid maintenance schedule. She is
courteous, punctual, hard working and I think, a dogged perfectionist… I have high hopes for my instrument.” -Mark Taylor, Fairbanks

“I have used Fortissimo Piano Service twice since moving to Alaska and couldn’t be more pleased. Solomeia installed a humidifier system on my upright Yamaha as well as gave the piano a proper tuning, which it really needed after the slow winter barge ride. Solomeia is very prompt and arrived as scheduled. She called to remind me of our appointment several days in advance, and had no problem when I needed to reschedule. She is very methodical and took extra care to get each string tuned perfectly by checking each section several times. She also diagnosed a problem I was having with the keys. Afterwards, she played a few classical pieces to ensure the overall sound was cohesive. On the second visit she checked the humidifier system and replaced the components. All in all, she is professional, careful, and takes the time to do it right.” -Gregory Harsh, Eagle River

“Solo is an excellent piano tuner. She did a great job on my new piano. The previous owner never tuned it once in its 10 year life, and it sounded AWFUL! Now it sounds amazing, and it is holding its tune very well! I highly recommend Fortissimo Piano Service. Thanks for a great job!” -Jenna Quinlan, Anchorage piano teacher

“I have been a customer for two years and am very satisfied with the quality of service and professionalism I received. It was easy to make an appointment convenient to my schedule. My favorite part of our piano tuning was when Solo expertly played to check on her work: the most beautiful music filled our house! I would not hesitate to recommend Fortissimo Piano Service for piano tuning and services.” -Suzanne Boots, Anchorage

“Our family piano was out of tune for decades. Fond memories were fading. Solo’s timely, professional work revitalized our piano and brought beautiful, pitch perfect music back to our home.” -Richard Linton, Anchorage

“Wow!!! Solomeia did the best job tuning our piano I have ever experienced. THANK YOU!” -Kristen B., Anderson Island WA


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